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Stand out in small spaces with interactive or static advertising designs. Whether your company is rolling out a new product, a new message, or is involved in a rebranding endeavour, Chapman Marketing can create ads that will get you noticed. With strategic use of colors, designs, and creative calls-to-action, a customized design concept can go a long way to profitability for your business.

Which type of advertising is best for my company?

Billboards - Billboard advertising is also a great way to direct people to your business. They have the lowest exposure cost and the highest reach.
Direct Mail - Sending postcards, catalogs, brochures, e-mail, and single letters is a great way to keep your current customers aware of new products, services, or sales.
Online Banner Advertising - Online advertising works best when you advertise on web sites you think your potential client will visit.
Magazines - Magazines are a great way to target your audience locally or nationally.
Newspapers - Newspaper advertisements are great ways to announce things to local customers. Upcoming sales, announcement of a new product, grand openings.


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